Taos Historic District Acequias

Our acequia systems are so much more than just a way to get water to agricultural fields! In Taos, they can make the difference between us being able to live sustainably for the next 7 generations, and our NOT being able to. If you want to learn why, and the history of our acequias, in 6 minutes, here's my TEDxAcequiaMadre talk about why they matter.

It is time we protect and repair them! But we can only do it as a community! So here's the information YOU need NOW, to know what to ask your elected representatives to help. ♥

Overall Plan of Acequias Studied


Rehabilitation and Development Proposals:

Distance and Slope Overview

Ditch                                    Length          Elevation Change          Slope (avg)   
Acequia Madre                    1620.8 lf
Kit Carson Laterals              5451.9 lf             27 feet                               0.50%
La Loma Ditch                    6298.3 lf             31 feet                               0.49%
La Loma / Paseo Feeder      971.6 lf               10 feet                               1.03%
Paseo Ditch                         2395.3 lf              21 feet                              0.88%
Van Vectin / Lineberry         2946.4 lf              26 feet                              0.88%     
Total Length 19684.3 lf = 3.79 miles


Spanish/English Glossary

rio – river
presa – diversion dam
compuerta – headgate
desagua – sluice (side gate)
sangria – non-gated diverter/turnout
leteraria – lateral
cerco – fence
canova – flume
arroyo – side drainage
terreno – field
acequia de cimento – concrete lined ditch
cisterna – drop inlet
cubo pipa – pipeline

Map to other Taos Valley Acequias